Calling All Gallaghers!

Our friend, Nancy Lyons, a Delaware-based genealogist, tells us that there’s a big Gallagher Clan Reunion taking place July 12-19 in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Adams County, PA. Last year, the Gallaghers (try saying it with the second “G” silent and you’ll have the Irish pronunciation of your name) met their Irish cousins in County Donegal, where the Gallagher name originates.

They’re expecting Gallaghers from all corners of the globe to descend to learn about the Gallaghers who served in the Civil War, attend the Adams County Irish Festival, see a baseball game, and enjoy some fireworks.

Of course, there’ll be plenty of sessions to discuss and share Gallagher genealogy and hear an update on the Gallagher DNA project.

For more information, contact:
Timothy P. Gallagher
5496 Ross Court
New Market, MD 21774 USA
Phone: 301-831-3994

You’re a Gallagher if you have Gallaghers in your family tree—and the name can be spelled many different ways, including but not limited to these spellings: Gallagher, Galagher, Galaher, Galigher, Gallaghar, Gallagher, Gallahar, Gallaher, Gallaugher, Galliher, Gallihur, Gallocher, Gallogher, Galloher, Gallougher, Galligher, Goligher, Gollagher, Gollaher, Golliher, Gollocher, Gollogher, Golloher, Gollougher, Goloher.

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