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Aon Sceal?

Emmett Ruane will be at WTMR on Sunday to reminisce about Emmett's Place.

Last weekend, Hurricane Irene washed out the planned Emmett’s On-Air Reunion and Pledge Drive for “Come West Along the Road,” Marianne MacDonald’s Sunday Irish radio show on WTMR 800 AM. The waters have receded (well, here at least) and the electricity is on (well, here at least), so the show is going on this Sunday at noon. Special co-host is Emmett Ruane, former owner of Emmett’s Place in Philadelphia, a which was a popular watering hole and music venue for the city’s Irish set and ceili dancers.

Sunday’s show will feature local music, a few trips back in time, and live, in-studio performances. If you were a fan of Emmett’s, call or email Marianne at 856-236-2717 or to join the crowd in the studio.

If It’s Tuesday, I Must Be with Amos Lee

Andrew Jay Keenan, possibly the workingest musician in Philly, plays with The John Byrne Band (Irish folk), Citizens Band Radio (country-rock), and Amos Lee (folk, rock, and soul). If you’re a fan of any of those bands, you’ve seen Keenan at World Café Live. Or maybe the Ellen Show, David Letterman, Jay Leno, and Jimmy Kimmel Live. That’s with the Amos Lee band. You can catch Keenan (to the right of Amos) in this clip from their recent Jimmy Kimmel appearance. You can catch him live wherever those three bands are playing in Philly (try September 25 at the Philly F/M Fest at World Café Live with The John Byrne Band).

Happy Birthday, Baby!

One of the things we like best about Facebook is that it reminds us of birthdays. So we’re going to steal a page from Mark Zuckerberg and wish a happy September birthday to our Irish Philly peeps.

Happy Birthday to Patti Byrd (9/4), Cara Anderson Boiler (9/4), Oliver Mcelhone (9/6), Helen Henry Degrand (9/8), Kathleen Trainor (9/9), Maria Gallagher (9/13), Paddy O’Brien (9/13), Trish O’Donnell Jenkins (9/15), Thomas Staunton (9/18), Patricia Burke (9/19), Carol Swanson (9/20), Frances O’Donnell Duffy (9/20), Michael Callahan (9/20), John Egan (9/23), John Boyce (9/25), Kiera McDonagh (9/26), Fil Campbell (9/27), and Mairead Timoney Wink (9/28).

Good Luck to the Mairead Farrells

Our own Mairead Farrell Ladies Gaelic Football Club is headed to San Francisco this weekend to defend their title as national senior champs. Keep the cup, ladies!


Aon Sceal means “what’s the story?” in Irish. If you have a story you want us to tell, email Don’t make me come after you.

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