First Rule of Fight Night

Yes, Jackie "The Hammer" Daley won her match.

Yes, Jackie “The Hammer” Daley won her match.

The Irish Center ballroom turned into a boxing ring last Saturday night for the second annual Young Irelands Gaelic Football Club’s “Fight Night.” Except for the mirrored balls on the ceiling and the occasional glimpses of the Irish countryside backdrop on the stage, you would have sworn you were at Madison Square Garden.

There were 10 match-ups of male and female amateur boxers and while they pulled no punches–literally, as you could tell by the blood–the purpose was and remained entertainment.

The Young Irelands has been playing Gaelic football in the Philadelphia area for about 28 years.

Check out our photos above and pretend you were there!

Author: Jeff Meade

Jeff is one of the founding editors of More details.

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