2016 Sober St. Patrick’s Day Party

2016 Sober St. Patrick’s Day Party

Blarney says "Arf!"

Blarney says “Arf!”

You can have fun at a St. Patrick’s Day party without raising a pint—and that’s what they did Sunday after the Philly parade down at WHYY.

The public station’s Commons was a great room in which to celebrate, and that’s what the visitors who crowded the room did with gusto.

Music was pretty much non-stop, with great bands like The Yanks and Reel to Reel, local talent like fiddler Alex Weir, flutist Paddy O’Neill and guitarist Darin Kelly, and a massive ceili at the end.

There were dancers from McDade-Cara and Emerald Isle, visits from the Philly Rose of Tralee Mairead Comaskey, and all of it was emceed by WHYY’s Ed Cunningham.

Oh yes, there was food—Irish hot dogs, they called them, although they tasted like regular hot dogs to me—a table loaded with cookies, soda bread, cake, chips, and many other goodies.

Representatives of Einstein Healthcare Network’s Irish Tay-Sachs Screening found a receptive audience in the people who streamed through the door, and the Ronald McDonald House people were doing land office business in fluffy Blarney dogs.

We were there. We have the pics. Check them out.


Author: Jeff Meade

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