Newsflash: Leprechauns Weep as Ends Publication

Newsflash: Leprechauns Weep as Ends Publication

Sobbing leprechaun ... is there anything sadder?

After a glorious 10-year run, is ending its coverage of all things Irish and Irish-American in Philadelphia.

Maybe we just said all we wanted to say. Maybe we just ran out of gas. Maybe it was a little of both.

And so it is with heavy hearts that we end this particular enterprise. We made so many friends along the way, and we’re happy to say that we intend to remain involved in the community in little ways. You can’t put so much energy into an enterprise and hang up your shamrock deely-bobbers completely, we suppose. So we’ll see you around.

If you are visiting the site, what you’re seeing is an archive of our labors and not an active enterprise. (A lot of people are still posting to our calendar, at right, though, so there’s that.)

However, for quite some time we have maintained a very active Facebook group page. You are invited to visit our Facebook page and stay awhile. Please become a member. We’re well on our way toward 7,000 members as of this posting, so you’ll be joining one of the biggest and most active Facebook groups you are likely to join.

Click on this link to get to our Facebook group page.

So, bye for now and thanks for the memories. May the road rise up to meet you, but try not to let it hit you in the face.

Denise and Jeff

Author: Jeff Meade

Jeff is one of the founding editors of More details.

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