Yes, we accept advertising!

We have three locations for your ads: one at the top of each page, and two along the right side.

  • The top ad is 728×90 pixels.
  • The larger right-side ad is 250×250 pixels.
  • The slightly smaller right-side ad (two blocks, one on top of the other) is 180×150 pixels.

All of these are standard Internet Advertising Bureau sizes.

We rotate up to eight ads in each spot. Ads are booked by the month. (They can be booked at any point, to start on any day, but the duration of the ad display is 30 days.)

What we charge:

  • 728×90 (top of the page) – $100
  • 250×250 (right side) – $75
  • 180×150 (two spaces, right side) – $50

If you’d like to advertise, please contact us.

Do you create ad banners?

We do not create ad banners, but we do recommend Hey, Banner Banner. Yes, we agree, it’s a silly name. But we’ve had good experiences with this online-based ad designer, and he’s very reasonable. (Last we checked, a new ad banner cost $69.) Of course, once you pay for that banner, it’s yours. We’ll happily run it, but you own it, and can use it on other Web sites.


  1. We’d like to advertise the home we are buying in Ireland (in progress now) as a vacation rental. Should we start first with your banner people? We’d like to feature at least one good photo. Thanks!

  2. Hey folks—wasn’t sure how to spread the word that Dervish is coming all the way from Sligo, Ireland to come to Carlisle Theatre on March 9th. Any ideas how to spread the word?

    • Dear Jeff:

      I’ve been trying to reach you and/or Denise about a new cookbook I’m writing but can’t find your email. Would you like to write a blurb for it? It’s a follow-up to Flavors of Ireland (you interviewed me about that book) titled Christmas Flavors of Ireland.

      Please let me know as soon as possible and I’ll send you the draft pdf.

      Thanks. Margaret Johnson

  3. Dear webmaster, I want to advertise on your website,
    post article, place links at page, are ok
    we need a long-term partnet. ,
    If we could, please, contact with me thanks!

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