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Rob and Vanessa Mullen Mark 10 Years in Charge of 50-Year-Old Campbell’s Place

(Editor’s note: This story by April Lisante first appeared in the Chestnut Hill Local. Thanks to them for allowing us to use it!)

It sits on the corner of Germantown Avenue and Gravers Lane, a familiar local fixture with its burgundy door and unassuming brick façade.

Need a place to go to chat with neighbors over lunch in a cozy booth? A place to charge your phone when there’s a big snowstorm? How about a place to get engaged, or take the kids for dinner? Locals liken it to their very own “Cheers,” but this resto-bar legend is the one-and-only Campbell’s Place, 8337 Germantown Avenue, in Chestnut Hill.

This month, the upscale comfort food eatery known for its Paulie Burgers and cheesy fried Brussels sprouts is celebrating a big anniversary of sorts.

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