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Hunger Strike Mass

Remembering the Hunger Strikers

A Mass on Sunday at St. Anne’s Church in Philadelphia recalled the sacrifice made by 10 young men being held in Maze Prison in Ireland.

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Kenneth Gavin, Bethanne Killian and Peter Ryan. Photo Credit: Christopher Conley

How the Irish Saved Gettysburg

On a hot summer’s evening, many came out to IN-Philly’s event at the Union League to listen to historian Kenneth Gavin talk about the Irish and the role they played at the Battle of Gettysburg.

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Kenneth W. Milano

Irish Kensington Erupts: The Philadelphia Nativist Riots of 1844

Kenneth W. Milano has a new book out chronicling one of the darker incidents in Philadelphia’s Irish history, the Kensington Riots of 1844.

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joe tobin

Remembering Commodore Barry

Local Irish organizations salute the father of the American Navy–a native of County Wexford–on Memorial Day.

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Old St. Mary’s

Old St. Mary’s Church Celebrates 250 Years

Local Irish organizations will join in the observation, which also celebrates the life of Commodore John Barry, who is buried in the churchyard.

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Prayers for the Hunger Strikers

The peace process has brought a measure of calm to Northern Ireland, but the Gloucester County Ancient Order of Hibernians pauses to remember 10 men who played such a critical role in a more turbulent time.

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Easter Rising Commemorated

As they do every year, a small group of stalwarts remember the promise of a united Ireland.

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Who’s Your Granny?

It’s been a long time coming, but welcome to Irish Philadelphia’s first genealogy column. “Who’s Your Granny?” makes its debut with a subject close to the hearts of the Irish—family stories.

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