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Jeff’s Pics: Nearly 100 Photos from the Philadelphia St. Patrick’s Day Parade

It’s been a few years since we covered the Philadelphia St. Patrick’s Day Parade. I missed it. Aside from an opportunity to snag a lot of really fun photos, it’s also old home week, where I ran into old friends I might not have seen for a while. Missed them, too.

Without further ado … here are all the pictures I took. Hope you see yourself somewhere in the mix. Click on the arrows above.

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Cavan Society Prepares for its Big Entrance

On a recent Saturday morning, a brightly lighted, cavernous truck bay in the back of Cavan Construction in Aston is a hive of activity. About a half dozen men are clustered around an 18-wheel tractor-trailer, sawing, drilling and hammering, carefully crafting the Cavan Society float for the 2019 Philadelphia St. Patrick’s Day Parade. In this, they are able assisted by a curious boxer named Diesel. That is, if “help” means leaving paw prints all over freshly green-painted wooden planks. 

We can tell you the theme. It’s the same as this year’s parade theme: “St. Patrick, Unite Us.” Beyond that, until Sunday, the day of the parade, it’s a big secret. Some of the wooden shapes hinted at the beginnings of a bridge, and there was a small house-shaped structure at the tail end. But that’s all you’re getting from us.

And it’s all you’re likely to get from Sean Smith, company project manager and superintendent, as well as the chief overseer of the float construction project. Continue Reading

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Poignant Easter Rising Ceremony at Holy Cross Cemetery

The annual Easter Rising ceremony at Holy Cross Cemetery on April 3 took on special poignancy this year, which marks the 100th anniversary of the Dublin battle between Irish revolutionaries and British soldiers that played a pivotal role in the birth of the Irish Republic in 1922.

Members of the families of three prominent Irish freedom fighters who are buried in the Yeadon cemetery took part in the ceremonies, which included rifle salutes by the Pennslvania 69th Irish Volunteers re-enactors, speeches by Sinn Fein’s Sean Conlon, the Monaghan town councillor who spent part of his childhood in Delaware County; Judyann Gillespie McCarthy of the local 1916 Easter Rising Commemoration Committee, and Tyrone native and historian, Patsy Kelly. Continue Reading

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Painting Wine Glasses: The Latest Fun-raiser

Instructor Collin Hennessey guides a fledgling painter.

Instructor Collin Hennessey guides a fledgling painter.

Turns out you don’t need artistic talent to enjoy a wine glass painting fundraiser. In fact, it helps if you don’t have any. The laughs are bigger.

The Philadelphia Irish Center held its first-ever painting party as part of this year’s fundraising campaign. The event was organized by Lisa Maloney who also included a kids-only craft party as part of the festivities. The kids didn’t paint wine glasses, but went home with canvas shoulder bags they decorated.

Entertainment was provided by the Cummins School of Irish Dance, which sent a dancer and instructor who taught the mother-daughter teams who attended the fundraiser how to do the Gay Gordon.

You can see all the fun in the photos below. Too bad you can’t hear the laughing.

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The Irish Immigration Center Knows How to Have Fun

Siobhan Lyons, dressed for success

Siobhan Lyons, dressed for success

A few years after their mother died, Siobhan Lyons and her four siblings decided to honor her every year by celebrating her favorite poem. It’s called “Warning” by Jenny Joseph, and it starts, “When I am an old woman I shall wear purple with a red hat that doesn’t go and doesn’t suit me.”

So every year, the siblings don red hats, wear purple, and text photos to one another in their far-flung locales. “It’s a much better way to remember her than to be mopey,” says Lyons, executive director of the Irish Immigration Center of Greater Philadelphia.

Lyons is usually somewhere in the Philadelphia area with a group of seniors having lunch. Her sister is in Australia, two of her brothers are in Singapore, and one brother is in London.

“Now it’s gotten to be a competition,” said Lyons, wearing her red hat and purple dress at her senior’s Red Hat luncheon at Maggie’s on the Waterfront, part of the center’s outreach to Irish seniors in Northeast Philadelphia. The event was sponsored by Philadelphia City Councilman Bobby Henon and attended by 120 seniors, most of whom were dressed in the red-purple theme.

Lyon’s job gives her an edge in the family competition. “The first year we did it–2010–everyone showed up at the regular Wednesday Immigration Center lunch in a red hat and they did a story on it in the Irish Edition. It was hard to beat that!”

You can see photos below from Red Hat Day as well as from the Immigration Center annual picnic on Sunday, held at the Bon Air Fire Company in Havertown, where the firefighters delighted the children who attended by squirting them with the fire hose.

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Midwinter Fest: A Respite for the Winter Weary

Lots of happy faces, kilts, and dancing.

Lots of happy faces, kilts, and dancing.

It was bitter cold outside and so windy the doors of the Valley Forge Casino and Resort sometimes opened by themselves, but inside the music–equal parts Scottish and Irish–kept everyone warm and snug and happy. Every years, Bill and Karen Reid’s Midwinter Scottish and Irish Festival provides a welcome respite for those who love Celtic culture and hate Arctic weather.

There were lines for beer and lines for haggis, the fish and chips ran out by early afternoon, and more than a few people were getting measured for kilts (at more than $400 a pop!). We could tell you more, but we took about 70 photos and a did a compilation video where you might see yourself if you were there.If you weren’t there, you might kick yourself. Well, there’s always next year.