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Irish Music With a German Accent

Tina Eck, born in a German seaside resort along the Danish border, knew Ireland. What she didn’t know was Irish music. That all changed the first time she accidentally dropped into a traditional music session in a DC pub. Now, she’s an accomplished flutist. Eck is coming to Coatesville as part of the duo Lilt.

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Mary Kay Mann

Are You As Competitive As a Fifth Grader?

Inspired by her 11-year-old student, Celtic harp teacher and performer Mary Kay Mann put her skills to the test at the All-Ireland traditional music competition. It was a kick. Better yet: She came in third.

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Emily Safko

Eyes On the Prize

South Jersey harpist Emily Safko is legally blind, but she finished fourth in the world championships in Ireland. She aims to return for another run at the top next year.

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Living a Dream Come True

De Danann was fiddler Mick Conneely’s favorite Irish traditional band when he was a kid. Now he’s all grown up, and he’s with the band.

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With a Banjo On His Knee

The legendary Finbar Furey gets downright plucky on his new CD “Colours.” Furey tells the story behind the recording.

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Caterina Coyne

The Last Dance

When the curtain falls on the last Riverdance show at the Merriam later this week, it will be the last show ever in Philadelphia. And in June, Riverdance will leave North America for good. For lead dancer Caterina Coyne, it’s likely to be a bittersweet moment.

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Maureen Malloy

Five Questions For WRTI’s Maureen Malloy

The station’s young jazz program director took time from a busy on-air pledge drive to tell us how she fell for Coltrane, big bands and “Paper Moon.”

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Deborah Streeter-Davitt

Smells Like Victory

Deborah Streeter-Davitt hit a turning point after a layoff from her financial services job. She took a leap of faith, started baking, and now her MacDougall’s Irish Victory Cakes are a hot item.

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