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A fave

Beach Reads, Irish Style

It started with an offhand question: What’s your favorite Irish book? Our fans on Facebook unleashed the floodgates. We guarantee you’ll find some great selections for your sun-soaked week or two along New Jersey’s Irish Riviera.

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Marita Krivda Poxon, center, at a recent gathering of Philly Irish authors.

A New History of Irish Philadelphia

Retired from her career as a medical librarian, Marita Krivda Poxon embarked on a second career as an author. Her new book, “Irish Philadelphia,” comes out this week.

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John Hurley with son Liam

Shining a Bright Light on an Ancient Irish Martial Art

Years in the making, John W. Hurley’s exhaustively researched book uncovers the lost history of the shillelagh and its use in stick fighting.

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How Would You Like to Be Queen… of Your Own Life?

Allentown publishing exec Cindy Ratzlaff and her friend, actress Kathy Kinney, teach women how to rise to the throne in their new book, “Queen of Your Own Life.” They talked to us about their own crusades to earn their crowns.

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In Jersey, They’re Getting Ready to Re-Joyce

A pub in Bordentown is hosting a Bloomsday reading of James Joyce’s classic “Ulysses.” Grab a pint, sit back and soak it in.

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How the Irish Maid Saved Civilization

This weekend, the author of a book on Irish domestic servants will talk in Philadelphia about the major role Irish immigrant women played in making the Irish part of American society. Here, she talks to Lori Lander Murphy about that great American hero–the Irish Bridget.

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Little Boys Lost

Ken Doyle says his childhood was stolen from him–by the one person who should have loved him the most. Read his chilling and poignant story, now the subject of a new book.

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The Mysteries in the Bog

Meet Erin Hart, American author of two acclaimed mysteries that meld archeology, Irish folkore and music, and spine-tingling crime plots, set in Ireland’s bogland.

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