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Honoring the Inspirational Irish Women of 2011

All women of high achievement, all those honored paused to remember the influential people in their lives who inspired them.

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Sold-Out Crowd Helps Honor 11 Inspirational Irish Women

More than 300 people attended this inaugural awards program to pay tribute to remarkable Delaware Valley Irish women.

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Get Ready to Be Inspired

Eleven wonderful Irish women will be honored Sunday at the Inspirational Irish Women reception. This weekend, their portraits will be unveiled. Here and now, we’ll tell you their stories.

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They’re Coming Home

The two musical groups playing at Sunday’s Inspirational Irish Women event have strong connections to the Irish Center.

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Amazing Grace

Born into privilege, Grace Kelly worked hard all her life to do the one thing she knew she wanted to do: act. But her biggest role was one that no one in East Falls could have predicted.

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On Air and In Person, the Real Deal

You know her for the weather. But you also know Kathy Orr for her work on the St. Patrick’s Day Parade … and nothing can ran on that parade.

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A Lifetime of Facing and Overcoming Challenges

Rosabelle Gifford has surely inspired mostly everyone who has ever been lucky enough to meet her.

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“You Just Do the Best You Can”

She lives by the words of Father Pedro Arrupe: “If anyone is hungry anywhere in the world, the Eucharist is incomplete everywhere in the world.”

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