Levittown Parade Grand Marshals Are Irish At Heart

The Mignoni sisters: Ann, Carol, and Rosemarie.
The Mignoni sisters: Ann, Carol, and Rosemarie.

It’s said the Irish and Italians share two parts of the flag—the green and white—but for the Mignoni family, the connection is much deeper.

That’s why the three Mignoni sisters—Rosemarie, Carol, and Ann—were chosen as grand marshals of the Levittown St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which is scheduled for March 13.

Born to Carmen and Carolyn Mignoni, the sisters were raised in a modest apartment in the back of the family jewelr store on Mill Street in Bristol Borough. Carmen was a jeweler and watchmaker who loved Celtic designs, his wife Carolyn, an astute businesswoman with a heart of gold.

Mignoni Jewelers opened its doors in 1947 and the children were raised to keep those doors open and “support whoever came through them.” Their friends reflected the character of Bristol Borough—they came from many nationalities and walks of life. The Mignonis worked hard, and their business flourished.

The Mignoni children were taught the enduring values of faith, family, and respect. Parishoners of St. Ann Church, the family was deeply devoted to the Catholic faith. The family motto: “Honor to serve and help others.”

Over the years, Carmen developed a strong appreciation of the artistry of Irish goldsmiths. He started producing Irish designs, including Claddagh rings. When he died in 1994, his family members discovered his last effort sitting on his workbench—a St. Brigid of Kildare cross. To his daughters, it was a sign of the family’s love and commitment to the Irish.

For their continued support of the Irish community, particularly the Ancient Order of Hibernians, the Ladies AOH, and the Celtic Heritage Foundation, their philanthropy in support of the arts in Bucks County, and for keeping those doors open for whoever came through in need, we proudly salute our 2010 St. Patrick’s Day Grand Marshals, Carol Mignoni Ferguson, Rosemarie Mignoni Szczucki, and Ann Mignoni Mundy.

The 22nd annual parade kicks off at 10:30 AM at St. Joseph the Worker Church in Levittown on Saturday. For complete details, call 215-547-9332 or visit

(This story was posted by Denise Foley. It was written by Thersa Gallagher.)

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