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Some of you might be wondering—wasn’t there already an irishphiladelphia.com?

Answer: yes, there was. Long story. We’ll try to make it short.

Toward the end of 2022, the print version of the Irish Edition, in business for more than 40 years, shut down. A good many people who had served as writers, editors, and photographers for the newspaper were looking for a way to carry on doing their jobs. Their solution: Go online.

Calling ourselves anything like “Irish Edition” was problematic, so we thought about a suitable new name. Luckily, two of us (Denise Foley and Jeff Meade) had a perfectly good name that we had used since 2006 that was just lying around gathering dust. So, the easy choice of our committee was to revive the tradition of the print publication that so many good people had worked for, in tandem with a kind of resurrection of the website irishphiladelphia.com. A lot of the folks who worked for both are working for this new website with a useful old name.

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