All wrapped upOn the runStruggle for the ballAllentown player takes a whack at the ballUp in the airNa Toraidhe has possessionDuelIn the shadow of the Limerick cooling towersUpside downSwoop and scoopTwo on twoGerard DillonAllentown accepts the trophyThe winning Allentown hurling teamGabriel DonohueMarian MakinsMarianMatt WardMatt Ward2PaddyPaddyO'NeillPaddyO'Neill2Tim BrittonCeili Group69Ceili Group70Ceili Group71Ceili Group72Ceili Group73Ceili Group62Ceili Group63Ceili Group64Ceili Group65Ceili Group66Ceili Group67Ceili Group68Ceili Group56Ceili Group57Ceili Group58Ceili Group59Ceili Group60Ceili Group61Ceili Group48Ceili Group49Ceili Group50Ceili Group51Ceili Group52Ceili Group53Ceili Group54Ceili Group55Ceili Group39

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